Christmas Eve at First Presbyterian Church

I've had the privilege to be trusted by First Presbyterian Church and be their Photographer during special events and holidays. Christmas Eve service has always been special to me, and what a wonderful time this was. Here's the photography I did during their kids and contemporary services.  

First Presbyterian Church is located in the heart of the Museum District in Houston. 

For more info on their Church, visit their website.

Real Estate & Landscape

We work closely with Ledge Loungers on several photos for a few of their clients. Waking up super early to not only watch the sunrise, but being able to capture the amazing construction of these houses as the sun rises, and capturing them in gorgeous sun light, truly breathtaking. 

For more info on Ledge Loungers, please visit their website.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Memorial Drive holds a special place in my heart. I spent 7 years here co-managing their media department. Here is where I sharpened my skills out of College and got to meet amazing people. Pastor Dr. Dave Peterson was a main reason why I was there as well. One of the best Pastors and public speakers I've ever heard. It was a pleasure to have creative meetings with him and hear his ideas directly, and turn them into actions. 

For more info on Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, please visit their website

Home Encouragement

Home Encouragement is a non-profit based in Houston, and started by Brett and Kellie Hurst. Their focus is on helping marriages stay healthy, and build solid marriages and strong families. I've partnered with them in the past years supporting their mission and working on all their events as well as creating videos that take their message and spoken testimony from the people affected positively by their work. 

For more information on Home Encouragement, please visit their website.  

Petrobras America

Trusted by Petrobras America.